Preventive Health Care

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 Project “Developing e-tools for accessing the information related to prevention of non-communicable diseases”

The overall objective

  • to improve healthy lifestyles and on-time treatment of inhabitants of Moldova.

The direct objective

  • to develop, test and implement new approaches in health care prevention among Moldova’s population with regard to socially significant diseases, incl. by using modern e-tools.


  1. Visit of Estonian experts to Moldova;
  2. Visit of Moldavian health care prevention policy-makers and specialists to Estonia;
  3. Conducting needs assessment, recommendations and evaluation of methodology;
  4. Development and piloting of digital solution for preventive health care;
  5. Conducting training seminars for family doctors, human resource managers, civil society organisations and other target groups;
  6. Roundtable on healthcare prevention actions;
  7. Evaluating the results of piloted health prevention activities.
  8. Seminar in Moldova to introduce the project results.


Project is implemented in the period September 2017 - October 2018


  • implemented by partners from Estonia - NGO ProDia, and Moldova - NGO Centre for Health Information and Communication


  • the Project is financed by Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the funds of development cooperation and humanitarian aid


Project main outcomes:

  • Report: 

Health Prevention e-Tools: Comparative Overview of Estonia and Moldova and its Executive Summary (in English)

E-instrumente de prevenție în sănătate (in Romanian)